Monday, March 22, 2010

Baklava Ice Cream

I had a fabulous and sunny weekend in San Francisco. It was only appropriate to celebrate the weather by making ice cream with my sister's new ice cream maker. This is a cinnamon ice cream with a honey, walnut, cinnamon swirl.

The recipe was adapted from desert candy.
Unfortunately, I didn't read the filo dough defrosting instructions carefully, so didn't defrost the 4 sheets completely. Instead, I took the thawed outer pieces (so about 10 sheets) and just cut through a smaller area for the same effect. I think the filo dough, walnut, honey mixture was the most popular. My sister and her bf were eating it before I could put it into the ice cream.

The ice cream was great but I added ground cinnamon in the quick chill process for a more cinnamon taste in the ice cream. Save some of the filo dough mixture as a topping. Let the ice cream set for a little while before serving...although, that was quick difficult since all 3 of us dove right in after it looked thicken enough (which wasn't very thick, but we really wanted this tasty goodness).

This got rave reviews from my family and friends! Good thing we ran 5 miles the next day!

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