Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beach Living in Cambodia

Everyone talks about the beauty of the Thai beaches but this Cambodia beach town rivals those Thai beaches.  The town of Sihanoukville is located on the Gulf of Thailand.  It was a nice reprieve from the heat and humidity.  Unfortunately, it's monsoon season, so the sun comes and go, along with the rain.

The town was quaint. It was geared towards tourists. I'm not a huge touristy person and set off for a beach about 20 minutes outside of the town. The water was the perfect temperature.  The waves and the force of the water was fierce.  Some of us frolicked and ordered some drinks to chill out.

The next day was another beach day.  I ordered breakfast and watched the waves and enjoyed the sun. Since this area is so touristy, a number of people try to sell you things.  It's also off season, so the bargains are better, right??  Haha - well, not for me!  The kids are pretty intense.  They really want to sell you bracelets. I didn't want any bracelets.  This one little girl was getting very comfortable.  She was sitting on the lounge and hugging, in an effort to sell a bracelet.  I even got a bracelet for free. Another kid came by, who had an amazing personality and I met the night before.  He called himself Beyonce. I started talking to him and the other girl got very very mad and left.

After she left another little boy approached. He took the knife off my plate and put it to his wrists.  He said he was going to kill himself.  I said no. He continued to his neck then his stomach.  Agh! Who is this kid?!  Why is this a selling tactic and who taught you this?! The icing on the cake?? He then went to grab my boob! AHHH! WHO ARE YOU!? Needless to say, I told him to move along and never come back.

The little girl came back.  She tried to sell to my friend.  I told her not to because she was cussing me out earlier.  As she walked away again, she went to swipe at my head!

It was a nice place, but the kids were out of control.  I was glad to move on and did not get the best impression of Cambodia from this area. 

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