Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Madness!

Ok. I saw a Top Chef Masters episode a couple weeks ago, where the quick fire was based on grilled cheese sandwiches. Last week, I got an email from Thrillist telling me about a Grilled Cheese Invitational in LA. I think some one was trying to tell me to make grilled cheese.

I really wanted to try the one that won the quick fire from Top Chef Masters. I remembered it was some kind of North African goodness, so I went from there and developed my own (delicious) grilled cheese. I wasn't going to post this initially, but Dan ended up taking some iPhone pictures and I just couldn't help myself.

Sandwich 1: Moroccan Delight

2 pieces of Potato bread
3 dates (chopped)
3 figs (chopped)
less than 1/4 cup chopped walnuts
Goat Cheese
less than 1/4 cup of fennel


In small saucepan, heat oil. Put fennel in the oil and allow to cook for 1 minutes. Put chopped dates and figs in with the fennel and add a tid bit (about 1-2 tablespoons) of water.

Butter outside of bread.

Spread Goat Cheese on BOTH sides of the bread. Sprinkle chopped walnuts on one side of the bread. When the water has pretty much been absorbed into the dried fruits, take off heat and place on bread.

Grill in pan til golden brown on both sides.

Sandwich 2: Curry Wonder

2 slices Potato bread
1/8 cup yellow squash cut into small pieces
1/8 cup green pepper cut into small pieces
curry powder
Cheese (we used a flagship cheese- I think I'd want to try something a bit creamier for this next time)

Place julienned veggies into a heated pan with oil. Allow to get hot. Add curry (approx. 1-2 teaspoon) and water. Allow to heat through and coat the veggies. There was will a nice thicker consistency when done.

Butter outside of bread.

Layer Flagship cheese on both sides. Place in the pan and add the veggies to one side only. Let both piece of bread grill open face. When the side of bread that has no veggies on it starts to melt then place it on the other piece of bread.

Cook til golden brown on both sides. Enjoy.

Sandwich 3: Hola Cheese

2 slices of potato bread
1/4 cup shredded or chopped spicy chicken (bought from Whole Foods)
1/8 cup green enchilada sauce
1/8 cup shredded zucchini

Directions are similar to sandwich 2.

DELICIOUS!! I think my absolute favorite was sandwich 1.
Flagship cheese

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