Monday, July 12, 2010


I recently got back from the wonderful islands of Hawai'i! It was fabulous because I absolutely love my friends (Pat and Lindsay, plus of course Lindsay's family!).  Pat makes the most delicious eggs (over easy- my favorite!)

Me and Pat and sunshine! in Volcano!

My trip started with a kitesurfing lesson from Pat of Kitesurf Oahu! I'm always very critical of Pat because he likes to press my buttons.  I was very surprised to find out that he's an excellent teacher and everyone (EVERYONE!) should take kitesurfing lessons from him! 

Pat and Brennon flying a kite before the big "photoshoot" (Pat reps for BEST kites and was entering a photocontest with Brennon to get a 10 day stay on a boat for kitesurfing around the world. Sweet deal!)

Let me tell you, I love Hawai'i.  I will always love Hawai'i.  My goal is to visit all the islands.  So far, I've checked Oahu, Maui and now the Big Island off my list.  What island do I like the best so far? umm, it's hard to say.  I like them all for different reasons.  I've spent the most time on Oahu and there is always a ton to do there, so right now that is my favorite.  I want to spend more time in Maui.  I'd like to check out the surf there.  The Big Island was great.  It's very relaxing, especially when you spend a couple hours in George's hot tub. 

Let's review the Big Island, shall we?! YES!

View from a look out on our road trip around the island (went from Hill to the south to Kona through Waimea and back to see some waterfalls)

I flew into Hilo.  We immediately went to KTA (a local market).  I think we went there every single day...sometimes twice a day! It had the most amazing spicy tako.  My favorite for sure. We also devoured Hawaiian bread almost every morning.  You can't just eat one piece...within 10  minutes the entire bag was gone! (Sorry Molly!)  We also decided to make a cake since Pattycake's bday was that Monday and Dan's birthday was that Sunday. 

We decided to go for a tie-dye cake.  You can see we each made a pretty color and then had our way with combining everything.  It was really tasty! I think boxed cake mix is an essential thing to keep around the house!

There were waterfalls! Akaku and Rainbow falls. 

Of course there was lava! There are two types of lava...I only remember one... "'a 'a" (pronounced "ah ah") and pahoehoe (pa- hoy-hoy)...The one in the picture is pahoehoe

And of course we had to have some wood chopping.  It was awesome. I definitely broke a sweat...and almost chopped off my legs.  Luckily, I was successful at chopping the wood.  Yayy!

Alright...that's all for now...part II of the Big Island/ Hawai'i adventure will be coming up shortly! Back to work I's gloomy and cold in Seattle today. Fail. 

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