Monday, June 28, 2010


It's been a while and lots of stuff has happened since my last update.  I have a Master's degree. Yay! I went to the Olympic National Park! I started running again. I got into a biking accident. I'm going to Hawaii in a couple of days. I'm going to start volunteering in another lab. All good things.

First, this Master's degree in MSE. Yes. I'm awesome. I was hooded.  The hood is absolutely amazing. It has all my favorite colors: purple and gold/yellow for the UW colors (go dawgs!) and orange for engineering (woo engineers!).

Didn't really want to take this picture, but Thanks! dad! Way to be a paparazzi and get a nice shot!

We had dinner at Ohana restaurant in Belltown.  I love Hawaii! It was good.  The salmon sushi was the best.  The cocktails were a hit or a miss.  I liked the drink with cream and coconut the best- I don't remember what it was called though. Later, we went to the Coppercart and Del Ray.  Del Ray seems to be a staple in my dancing and nights out.

The family at appropriate!  This makes me think of Lilo and Stitch! Who doesn't love that movie??? My favorite part is when she's late to hula class because she has to go feed Pudge the fish. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Next! Camping!

This past weekend I went to the Olympic National Park.  We (me and the boys) camped at Sol Duc camp grounds, near the Sol Duc resort. The hot springs weren't that great. The Hoh rainforest also wasn't as spectacular as I remember. It was a wee-bit dry. 

 Sol Duc Resort


Weird Unicorn in the Rainforest

That night we had some chicken sausages from Trader Joes, zucchini with garlic, and some onions, accompanied by chips...and for dessert! S'mores! The zucchini was so good. It was very simple.

Camping Zucchini: 

Al foil
cut up zucchini
cut up fresh garlic

Put in Al foil, create a packet to keep in the moisture, place on the fire. It cooks up in about 10 minutes depending on the I totally started the fire! haha

The next day, we headed to Hurricane Ridge. It was spectacular.  I didn't make it all the way to Hurricane Hill but the view was great regardless. Dan was afraid I'd fall off the edge of where we were standing...I do have the reputation for being quite accident prone.  He had valid concerns. 

View from the hike to Hurricane Hill

More Views!

Quick stop up to the Park station, pretty.

I've been quite busy!  This week I head to Hawaii.  First to Oahu then to the Big Island. I'll have plenty of awesome pictures from that...I'll also have some awesome stories and food to report as well. Mmm.

As for tonight! softball league and a run! :)

keep keep keep trekkin'!

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  1. Ha that really does look like a unicorn! Especially with the light hitting its eye...very cool.