Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 1 of 2012

I start the day with breakfast...and breaking my phone.  What is the deal with me and phones and the 1st of the year?  The glass is cracked and the screen doesn't work. Yay! Luckily, no one really calls me.  I do receive lots of text messages but alas I'm in another country so who really cares.  I actually really like being disconnected.

We headed to La Fortuna Waterfall.  It costs $10USD to enter.  You can swim under the waterfall, although, it's not advised because you can be sucked under from the forces of the waterfall.  It was about 90m and the water was so blue.  If you walk down the stream a couple meters, there is a pool that the water drains into and it was full of fish and people.  I met some people from Texas who were on break and taking in the tourism and business aspects of Costa Rica.  I can't believe that they got class credit for that!

Beautiful waterfall! and Beautiful blue water!

It was great!

Rebecca proposed to me at the waterfall.  It was magical!

The Proposal!  Top that future husband! Oh and PS. Look at my calves. Nice. 

A taxi dropped us off at the top of the waterfall and we decided to walk to the town instead of taking another taxi.  On the way down, we stopped at Neptune's House of Hammocks. There were so many hammocks.  Rebecca was obsessed with the hammocks and I can't blame her.  Hammocks are so comfy!  Rebecca sat in a hammock and proceeded to fall out.  It was funny :)

House of Hammocks

We kept walking and found more coconuts and coconut water.  This 12 year old girl was good with a machete. We walked some more AND THEN!!! found another sloth!! Apparently this particular sloth likes to cross the street and climb this particular tree. It was a monster of a sloth.  I enjoyed watching it for almost 10 minutes.  It climbed one tree and then managed to make it to another tree through the canopy.

Costa Rica at its Best.  Pura Vida!

From here, we headed to Baldi resort for a day of relaxation in the many hot spring pools.  I wanted a good tan and some hot water.  I love hot springs.  The place was huge!  There was even a water slide and waterfall. I had a great time, although, I thought the place was a little expensive ($31USD).  We stayed for a couple hours and then headed to town for fooooood and walking around.

I love sitting in the hot springs, enjoying the waterfall and the sunshine. Paradise. 

We went to LAVA LOUNGE!  The drink of the trip was Sangria and they delivered.  In fact, I had mine and Rebeccas and some appetizers.  I liked the Sangria.  I found a sloth stuffed animal, which really made my night.  I didn't buy it but maybe I should have.  I have so many stuffed animals that I thought it might be wise to stop collecting them since I'm 26 and not 10... but then again, maybe next time!



We walked around the town and happened to see Mr. Michael from the club the night before.  Then some other Ticos proceeded to shout something obscene at we decided to leave and head back to the hotel to get ready for the adventure tomorrow...although, not before I decided to mimic the toucan painting on a random wall.

I like acting like a goober! 

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