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Panama City Day 1: December 26, 2011

Panama City Night 1:

I started my journey at 4:30am on Monday December 26th.  I had to make a couple of connections before making my way to Panama City. I waited for Rebecca at the airport before heading to the hotel.  The Panama cab drivers are quick to get you into a cab, haha, but in our case, he was quick to kick us OUT of the cab.  No one knew where our hotel was and the hotel wasn't answering their phone. We were at the airport about 30 minutes before 4 Belgians ran into the same problem.  We were at the airport another hour talking to the taxi drivers, the police and the armed guard.  No luck.  It was lucky that Maxim and Rebecca spoke some Spanish, but the result was the same, everyone knew the area but no one wanted to or didn't know the way to the hotel.  

It was a blessing in disguise. The guys were awesome! It was a highlight of the trip.  The 4 guys (Vincent, Tom, Maxim and Matisse) were buddies traveling together.  Vincent worked at a medical device company and actually knew what I did for a living.  It was a first.   Vincent was totally into Rebecca, too...  He even offered to sleep with us in our sketchy "theater room" (continued below). 

Matisse, Me, Tom

Luckily they double booked at a hostel (Luna's Castle which was guarded by security and a metal gate) in Casco Viejo.  The hostel only had enough room for the boys, who had been traveling for 26 hours, so Rebecca and I slept in the "theater room".  It was more like an orgy room.  To be safe, we slept on towels because gosh who knows what went on in that room!?! The bar next door turns into a hot nightclub but, luckily, not the night we were there. We slept for a couple of hours and then had to find another place so we could actually settle down and take a shower. Although we were only in the hostel a couple of hours, I made  few new friends from the UK, Netherlands and Robert from Canada. 

Theater Room - Chillin

 It was a great night.  We were gross, slept on some questionable sheets, met some awesome people.  I wish the Belgians had rendezvoused with us later, but alas, they were off the next day to Costa Rica and we were on to our next adventure.
Cool Art in the hostel

Feels good to start the trip off on an adventurous note!

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