Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On the Move to the Windy town of Monteverde

We are on the move the next day and take the taxi (van) - boat - taxi (van).  It's a bumpy road after crossing the lake, so it took forever.  We got in around 12pm and noticed right away that it was super windy.  I mean, the wind was going to push me over windy.  It was also cold. I was just thinking - thank goodness I brought layers.

Tina's Casita

Right away we were greeted by Andres.  He was super happy and proceeded to sign us up for tours. Our first tour was to the Monteverde coffee farm.  It's a free trade coop of sorts.  Our tour guide was Joyce.  She was half Costa Rican and half American.  She looked very fair and we went to her father's farm.  We met some more Seattlites on the tour (I swear, they were everywhere). The tour was great.  I learned all about the new and old ways of preparing the coffee beans before roasting.  I also learned about how the farmers plant other trees and plants, like bananas to introduce different nutrients into the soil.  We got to taste the fruits of the farm as well as the roasted coffee -- IT WAS SOO GOOD!

Dried coffee beans

Brewed coffee and really really good pancake-type bread!

I definitely bought coffee and some sweet coffee candles.  The candles smells so good.  If computers were scratch and sniff then I'd include a sample here. The rest of the day was ours and we walked around the town.  The town is tiny so it didn't take long.  We also needed to find a bank with American dollars and dinner.  Along the way, we ran into a Canadian and an American.  I also found out a sloth reserve in Costa Rica.  I'll have to go there next time!

We found a cute place covered in butterflies! I also discovered my favorite dish of Costa Rica - casada vegetariano!  It had rice and beans, a plantain, avocado, cheese, salad.  It was perfect. I finished it off with some hot mint tea, since it was windy and rainy.  Hot mint tea is delicious.  It's definitely one of my favorite teas.  I think I had 5 cups that night since it was so chilly. We headed back to the hotel.  It was really dark, so I'm glad I brought my headlight - yes my headlight! (The new running joke is my wedding registry will be at REI - soooo true, although, I'll take REI gifts any time of year ;) )

Casada! and Headlight love (the headlight wasn't on, so I'm sad the picture is so bright)!

The wind was so intense that it drove us inside.  We met some people from North Carolina and San Diego.  We talked for a good 1-2 hours before we retired to the room.  The room had a queen bed and a bunk bed.  Rebecca really wanted the bunk bed and I love a big bed so it all worked out.  The wind was so intense that it made it hard to sleep but eventually I dozed off! I had to be ready for zip lining the next day!

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