Sunday, January 8, 2012

On the move to Arenal for New Years!

We woke up at 5:30am to go kayaking through the canals.  Rebecca and I shared a kayak.  We were out for about 2 hours...and I paddled a good 2 hours by myself :) haha It was a good workout.  I love a good workout.  I considered it weight training. We paddled through some back canals where we saw a spider monkey with its baby chillin' in a tree.  It was a rainy day.  We were caught in a downpour.  I didn't mind so much but the howler monkeys were up in arms!  Apparently they don't like the rain and they were letting everyone know it!

We headed back to the bungalow for breakfast.  I think I had the best coffee at the bungalow.  It was so good - strong! We then headed back to the dock (about 1.5 hours by boat).  On the way, everyone kept their eyes peeled for a sloth.  Our guide, Ivan, has an amazing eye. He spotted a sloth (I named him Jose after el capitan) in the bushes.  We pulled up next to him and hope he'd poke his head out.  Ivan made some eagles noises because usually the sloth will move to see if it can see the eagle (predator).  Instead, the sloth, slowly pushes the leaves and branches out of the way to take a look at us and then slowly released the branches to cover himself.  I can replay the 10 seconds in my head like I was just there - loved that moment!

Jose the Sloth

We reached the dock and headed back to home base where we were greeted with some bomb food.  We had been craving tortillas and they delivered! A group of us then headed to Arenal (the active volcano!).  Ramone was our driver again.  I think everyone feared for their lives as he tailed every car and then preceded to pass on one lane highways with a questionable amount of space.

With Ivan, our heroic guide!

I love food!

We settled into our hotel (Hotel San Bosco).  The staff was extremely helpful and directed us to the biggest party in the city for New Years Eve! But before the party! Dinner and pre-New Years drinks :) We went to Don Rolfinos.  It was full of tourists and some good food.  I had a very colorful drink and watched some American football.  We passed through the town park and waited for the appropriate time to head to the discotheque! Volcan Look is supposed to be the 2nd biggest club outside of San Jose. We arrived and were greeted by drunken Americans, already sloppy on the dance floor (literally falling down). The place was packed! The stage had 4 dancers - 2 guys and 2 girls.  The guys had amazing abs and did some crazy dance moves. The girls danced slow - like porn stars.  It was comical. At New Years! there were pyrotechnics and everyone shook their beers and alcohol rained down on the crowd!

Happy New Years Eve from La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Rebecca and I couldn't escape the Ticos. There was one in particular that would not leave us alone. We left the dance floor (which took about 10 minutes) and moved to the other side...he still managed to find us! haha at least he was impressed by my awesome dance moves :)  The guy to girl ratio was about 7 to 1. I was asked to dance several times and one guy asked me if I wanted to smoke my first joint of 2012.  I turned him down but I was thoroughly impressed by his English.

The poster of the hottest party to bring in the New Year!

Tico party (Link to part of the party I caught on video: )

The Ticos love their fireworks.  There were pyrotechnics inside and lots of fireworks outside. We had a cab drive us back with fireworks in the background...and with that, it was 2012!  Hello 2012! You will be awesome!

The Ticos know how to party!

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