Monday, January 16, 2012

Wooooosh! Zip Line!

Rebecca and I woke up bright and early to eat! And trek back to the bank at the top of the hill.  We had zip line today.  I knew I'd be a little nervous since this particular zip line company had the Tarzan swing at the end.  I don't like roller coasters so the feeling of my stomach in my throat is never my favorite.

We headed to the company headquarters (Adventura). I got all strapped in and looked really good all outfitted in my new gear.  There were quite a few people from Seattle on this particular part of the adventure (probably 6).  I befriended two - Mark and Derek.  Derek seemed high the entire time and Mark was cool.  They ended up taking video off the superman zipline.  The superman is where they attach the zipline to your back and let you fly through the air like superman!

Before I'm off


I really loved zip lining.  It was really easy and fast.  I think I could have gone faster.  There was one zip line segment that Rebecca couldn't stop and actually ran into part of the tree - eeek! I watched it all from behind.  Don't worry, she's OK.

After about 12 runs, we go to the Tarzan swing.  The swing is a 147ft drop and then you swing.  I was all hooked up and ready to go.  Mark was going to go before me.  Except! He chickened out!  And I walked to the end of the swaying platform to feel out the height and drop.  The guys at the company immediately hook me.  I tell them I'm scared and they just laugh at me and continue to hook me.  I protested one last time.  I wish they had just pushed me over but the whole thing got the better of me.  Unfortunately, I have to say that I didn't do it.  Do I regret it? Maybe a little.  I mean, in the grand scheme of things, it's so short I should have just done it. Oh well...and then the day went on!

Me and the Seattlites

We had the best casada of the trip at the place right next to the hostel!  We even took a picture with the owner.  Loved it!

The rest of the day was left to finding the climbing tree!  Yesss a climbing tree.  I didn't know what to expect from the climbing tree but it was way better than I ever could have expected!  It's like tiny trees growing together, creating a ladder to the top of the tree.  It was completely hollow inside. Each branch was intertwined, almost like each branch was a step.  The tree was huge.  It was probably over 100m tall.  I could only go to where the two tree converged, since my track record with accidents is shaky. Rebecca and I decided it was best to stop at about 75ft up.

The Climbing Tree

On the walk back we were greeted with another beautiful view, with the sun illuminating the wet pavement with a now blue sky.  We saw a rainbow.  I just love rainbows.  Rainbows make me smile and smiling makes me happy!  Oh yeah! And I saw WONG RESTAURANT!! LOVE IT!! All-in-all, it was cold and great.  I was soaking from the whole day, so we changed and headed to dinner.  The rest of the night was pretty uneventful and we were heading to the city the next day.  I wasn't without my headlight again and we just explored the small town, running into people from the day!

Great end to the day!

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